Demo I

by Youth of 1945

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Raw, rough (recorded and produced in a couple hours) demo from Philadelphia anarcho-goths on a very limited run of 40 hand-numbered lightscribed CDs (with a real fancy sleeve and lyric insert), now available online because apparently more than 40 of you fuckers like this shit. Soon to be remastered for 7" release, limited to 300.


released May 29, 2011

All work by Kenn Kroosåficks, performed live with Vincent Daemon.



all rights reserved


Youth of 1945 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed 2011 in Philthadelphia, Youth of 1945 play a combination of dark anarcho-punk and deathrock taking several keys from Rudimentary Peni, Vex, and Part 1.

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Track Name: We're All Gonna Die pt.1: Intro
We're all gonna die, can't you see it now?
Gas inflation, war eruption, shore erosion, nuclear explosion
Border absorption, language separation, power corruption, sensory deprivation
Can't you see it now?
Track Name: Dystopia Shuffle
Walking down the street, a tear rolls down for them
The dirty faces of the lowly races, cast aside to cry
Taxed into oblivion, they pay just to breathe
No means to scavenge for food, they were cast aside to die
Poverty birthing destitution, father, what is their crime?
Why are they so low? Why are we so low?
Track Name: Sir, Yes Sir
Our innocence is paid for in duty
To the men who deny us our lives
We sit pretty and do as we're told
But look where that's got us now
This whole planet has gone to shit
We need to focus on fixing our world
But instead we're being sent off to kill
None of it makes any sense
We follow our orders in obedience
We march in line into the abattoir
Single file to systematic genocide
We won't bat an eye as we go to die
Our mind has been sold to the state
Free to do with us as they see fit
But what does it matter anyway?
It's all too late for hope
Track Name: It All Comes to the Same End
Left or right it makes no difference
Neither side wants to ease your pain
They just want your money
To satiate their greed
The black knight promised us change
He said he'd make it all better
Instead he's left us all waiting
No one's looking out for you
It's every man for themselves
We struggle to fight for our lives
But it's them who have the means
We were told that we'd get our chance
That we'd have a champion for our rights
But look here, we're still waiting
Track Name: War-torn
I cannot walk, I cannot see
I lost my home, I lost my faith
No one can hear my cries, no one can feel my pain
I know the horrors you brought to me
You came to bring freedom, but all we got is sorrow
My family's gone and I'm bleeding in the street
You commit your slaughter in the name of peace
Why are you doing this? What does it mean?
Track Name: We're All Gonna Die pt.2: Outtro
They feed us disease//Dirty meat byproducts
They know it's all we can get//But what can you afford?
They feed us drugs//Numb the body
They know it's all we've got//To ignore the fucking hate
They feed us lies//Cover their own asses
They know we know the truth//But we're not fucking blind
They rub it in our nose//Look down on the people
That they're in control//And spit from up above
But can't you see it now?//But can't you see it now?
We don't all have to die//We're all gonna die